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    The first port of call for power network know-how is CIGRE.

    The global technical forum for large electric systems, CIGRE counts more than 14000 equivalent members in over 90 countries.  This membership is composed of researchers, academics, engineers, technicians, suppliers, market and system operators and other decision makers, and is supported by 3500 experts actively collaborating in a structured work programme.

    CIGRE Australia was established in 1951 and boasts over 70 member organisations and 360 active individuals participating in our events as well as our 16 technical domains and corresponding panel activities.

    These professionals are focused on sharing and developing the right skills for today but with an eye to the challenges of tomorrow.

    Learn about CIGRE:

  • API
    Supporting partner

    The Australian Power Institute (API) represents major Australian power companies in providing future professional power engineering capability whose vision is:

    "To Deliver a Sustainable Supply of Highly Skilled Power Engineering Professionals Working Effectively to Meet the Challenges of Australia’s Emerging Energy Future and to Support the Technical and Commercial Success of Member Companies in the Energy Sector"

    The key objectives of API are:

    • Provide a sustainable supply of quality power engineering graduates to energy industry
    • Facilitate a strong power engineering education platform
    • Coordination of industry and university innovation initiatives

    Visite the website and learn more:

  • Vodafone

    Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) is an Australian telecommunications company providing mobile, fixed broadband services and Internet of Things (IoT). VHA is a 50:50 joint venture between Vodafone Group Plc and Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited.

    Vodafone Hutchison Australia has a long track record of success in IoT, with capability to offer end-to-end solutions including hardware, connectivity and applications. The Vodafone Global Platform features a single control point for all your IoT connections worldwide - the ultimate result is an IoT solution that is easy to set-up and can be deployed by interacting with a single point of contact.